IBM BPM Coaches Exposed As Administrative Services Don't Render Properly In Internet Explorer


Issue Description

You have services (client side human services or heritage human services) exposed as administrative services in IBM BPM Process Admin console. When you try to launch such a service from Process Admin (PA) console some of the controls or the whole service is not rendered properly when you use Internet Explorer (it can be IE 10 or 11 or even Edge). The same services works fine when opened in Chrome or FireFox.


The problem is related to some hard-coded legacy (old) settings that force certain pages, including the PA console, to render in IE8-compatibility mode. There is no available user-implemented method to change the X-UA-Compatible flag for the PA console. This problem occurs with any coach view framework including Brazos UI and BPM UI. 


Starting with IBM BPM 857 CF2016.12, the Process Admin (PA) console no longer runs in IE-8 Compatibility Mode. So, the permanent fix is to upgrade to IBM BPM 8.5.7 CF2016.12 or later release of IBM BPM.

Workarounds for earlier version of IBM BPM

If you are running on an earlier version of IBM BPM and experience this problem then there are a number of potential workarounds suggested in the following IBM APAR (see "Local Fix" section)


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