Getting Started with Brazos UI


Brazos UI is based on a responsive UI framework so that your BPM UI can automatically adjust its appearance based on the size of the browser being used. It also leverages your devices’ built in UI for common interface elements such as selection lists, date pickers, radio buttons, calendars - and most importantly, touch. The bottom line is that developing beautiful mobile ready interfaces for your IBM BPM solution has never been so easy.

A Few Brazos Benefits:

  • Build more appealing UI's
  • Promote user adoption through intuitive business friendly design
  • Improve screen real estate through advanced formatting options
  • Build one UI that is distributed across all devices
  • Fully integrated with IBM's Process Designer
  • Mobile enable your IBM BPM processes today!

Read more about Brazos here:

Register for Brazos today!

After registering you can download Brazos here: (Registration and login to the BP3 Support Site is required to access this link.)

Once you have Brazos UI installed, Check out this article for more info on learning how to use Brazos UI:

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