Fixing the CustomHTML component on BPM 8.x



  • Heritage coaches elements mostly work in BPM8.x and above, but customHTML is a core component that IBM did not get a new coach view.
  • In BPM 8.x, the whole coach framework was reworked/replaced. The pre-v8 Coach technology is still present and is now called "heritage coaches".


  • Create a coach view for customHTML that will work and have the correct event handlers.

So, what I did was create this and an example. Details:

  • I have created a "myCustomHTML" coach view. It has a couple event handlers (under Behavior), "view" and "change". These two functions allow us to set code to update the views of the element. Normally we can set a "load" event handler but on load, the "view" code is called so we are all set there.
  • Now, in my example Human Service called "testing", we can use the scriptlets to set the code, and display it correctly. Note that in the coach, the View being displayed is "myCustomHTML" and that bound to "testCustomHTMLSection" which is a string being set in scriptlets.
  • Finally, just to show the coach is updating, I included a counter called "temp".
This is a simplified example and can be extended as your needs arise.

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