How do I use the Brazos UI Toolkit?


The Brazos UI Toolkit is shipped with the Brazos UI Examples Process App. The Brazos UI Examples Process App contains the toolkit documentation and examples of the Brazos controls and features. The Examples Process App is built using BPM and Brazos, so you can use it as both a reference for the controls and capabilities as well as a demonstration of how to build specific functionality using the Brazos UI Toolkit.

Watch the following Getting Started with the Brazos UI Toolkit video for more info about the Examples Process App and tips for getting started with the Brazos UI:

Also, visit the BP3 youtube channel where you can find more educational videos to help you get started.

If you are interested in adding charts to your coaches or dashboards, check out this video giving an overview of the Brazos Charts that were introduced with Brazos 3.0:

Here are a couple more useful videos for getting started. This quick overview of the Brazos Examples Process App is from an earlier release of the Brazos UI Toolkit, but all of the info still applies today:

The following video covers all the bases for the Brazos 2.0 Wind Farm demo. There are many improvements since 2.0, but this will give you a good overview as well as give you peek into just how far we have come since Brazos 2.0!

If you're familiar with building coaches in IBM BPM 8.0 or later, you'll be right at home with building UI with Brazos.

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