Using SQL Developer to connect to BPM databases


  • There are a number of tools you can use to connect to the the BPM databases. One of the tools is Oracle's SQL Developer which can connect to Oracle, DB2, and MSSQL databases.

Download and setup SQL Developer:

  • Download and install the “Oracle SQL Developer”:
  • Once installed, we should first tell the tool which JDBC drivers to use for Oracle, DB2, and MSQL. You can get these drivers from the BPM server under:
    • ...\<BPM_INSTALL_DIR>\jdbcdrivers
  • We recommend copying the files for each of the datbase types to the local system where you will run the SQL Developer.
  • In SQL Developer, click "Tools" -> "Preferences"
  • When the Preferences Window appears, expand "Databases" and click "Third Party JDBC drivers. Then, click "Add Entry" and specify the path on your local driver to the jar files.

Connect to the databases:

  • To create new database connections, on the left hand pane, right click "Connections" -> "New Connection".
  • Enter a connection name, username, password, and check the "Save Password" box.
  • Select the appropriate tab for the database. If you have added the JDBC drivers in the section above correctly, you should see tabs for "Oracle", "DB2", and "SQLServer".
  • The "Test" button will test if the credentials and coordinates of the database are correct. If so, click "Connect" to add the connection.
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