BPM 8.0.1 Coaches Leaking between Snapshots

On BPM 8.0.1.x if you have some issues running different snapshots of the same application because the coaches appears to be leaking there is already a PMR to fix it. 

When you are running a coach in different snapshots you notice that sometimes you have errors with missing variables of variables that are present only in later snapshots of that coach!

Example of behavior
  • Coach and HS using variable1 on Snapshot 1
  • Coach and HS using variable1 and variable2 on Snapshot 2
  • Run HS from Snapshot 2
  • Run HS from Snapshot 1 and you have an error saying that the variable 2 does not exist(this variable never existed on this snapshot..)

What' happening
When you run a Coach it's stored on the server cache. This cache is not being updated when you run the same coach from a different snapshot.

When you have a process app deployed to production with several versions there is no solution what so ever. Anyone that runs a HS from a version, will store that coach on the cache and then this coach will be always presented nevertheless witch version is calling it. 

If you are on DEV and you just want to bypass this issues, you can simply clear the cache on the process admin (or wait for the default cache clean which is 60 minuets)

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