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BP Labs is focused on removing technical obstacles that you may encounter as you implement your BPM solution. We offer subscription based support packages with options geared towards optimizing and accelerating your BPM investment. In addition to solution support, the BP Labs' development team is focused on creating innovations that customers need to maximize value for their businesses. This team develops software to help customers progress from project to program.


BP Labs Subscription Support Services

Solution Support is structured around the world's top experts in BPM, right here in Austin, Texas, combining expert advice with access to great software. You will never hear from our Solution Support team the old line of "sorry, that's not a product problem". Our team is here to help you solve your BPM challenges and we will work with you to make it happen. Based on your needs, you can choose from Pre-production and Production levels of support. The main differences between the two levels are urgency and response times.

At the core of BP3’s Solution Support is Expert Advice, which is included in any BP Labs Support Subscription:

    • Expert BPM Development Advice
    • Expert Configuration Advice
    • Expert Infrastructure Advice
    • Expert Toolkit Authoring Advice
    • Expert BPM Patterns and Best Practices advice

Solution Support also includes:


BP Labs Subscription Support Levels

Pre-production Solution Support – With the Pre-production support level each Solution Support Service is offered in the context of:

    • Non-urgent, pre-production scenarios
    • Support Services are subject to normal service hours for BP Labs.

This form of support is, also, an option after your solution goes to production. However, in such scenarios, you must have your own production support and after-hours support lined up, as Pre-production support from BP3 will only cover normal service hours.

Production Solution Support – With the Production Support Level, solution support service also includes:

    • Urgent resolution of reported Brazos UI Toolkit issues
    • Urgent resolution of IBM BPM Solution support issues
    • Optional extended hours or 24/7 coverage


BP Labs Subscription Software

BP3 provides software on a subscription basis. Software subscriptions may be added to a Support contract.

Neches Analysis Suite. The Neches Analysis suite is currently being beta tested for self-service subscription with a few select clients.

    • Process Model Analysis - Neches will analyze your BPM model and determine important characteristics that impact the health of your BPM implementation. A subscription to Neches makes regular model inspections for correctness and best practices a reality.

Additional Analysis Suites are on the way...

If you are interested in being in the BETA program for one of these suites, or sponsoring co-development, please let us know.

    • Process Implementation Governance Suite- to enforce the "rules of the road" for a specific customer's best practices in their implementations. Important for customers with program-level BPM commitments and disparate teams that need to work well together and adhere to standards.
    • Quality Assurance Suite - test coverage and quality analysis tooling


BP Labs Fee-based Services

BP Labs' Fee-based Services can be acquired on a fixed-fee or per-item basis. These are services that BP3 provides all the time to our clients, and we have the confidence of experience to inform our per-use fees.

Any desired fee-based services may be bundled into a Labs Solution Support subscription at time of purchase, increasing the value of the service over the lifetime of the support agreement. Migrations, Assessments, and Installations are a few of our fee-based options:

Migrations. Other BPM firms simply do not have the expertise, tooling, and methodology for repeatable successful migrations from version to version. We are not aware of any other firm that will offer Migration assessments and implementations on a fixed-fee basis.

      • The DIY package - If you just want the analysis piece performed, BP Labs can provide that, and then the rest is up to you. The analysis will give you all the trouble spots to look at, save you countless hours, and will remove a great deal of uncertainty from migration.
      • Migration Assist - Stepping up the level of service, we identify trouble spots and work out the right technical solution, with you, given the circumstances. You are still largely in DIY mode, but with active assistance for your Technical team, from ours.
      • "Turnkey" Migration - We cannot do testing and verification for you, but with this package we own the technical edits to your solution to migrate it from one version to another. Data migration is included.

For more on BP3's migration offering visit our Migration Page

Assessments. We provide a variety of assessments on a fee-basis:

    • Migration Assessment, as described above
    • Performance Assessment
    • Solution/Best Practices Assessment

Each assessment leverages a combination of BP3 intellectual property, methodology, and hard-earned expertise to give our customers the best advice and assessments on the market.

Installations. BP Labs will perform installations on a fixed-fee basis. You provide remote access to our Labs engineers, and we will have someone with hundreds of installs under their belt, perform your installation.

    • LDAP and SSO
    • Validation
    • Recipes for installation steps
    • Clustered or stand-alone installations
    • Windows or Unix.


BP Labs Fee-based Software

BP Labs' Fee-based Software can be acquired a la carte or added to a Labs Subscription.

BP Labs continuously invests in creating Toolkits for BP3 customers and BP Labs subscribers. The goal for this work is to provide an easy to use wrapper to common use cases so that the development team does not need to be involved in the technical details. The goal is to allow the team to execute at a higher level of quality with less work than if the toolkit did not exists. Our most commonly used toolkits include:

    • BP3 LDAP - the LDAP toolkit is used for two main purposes:
        • To query LDAPs to retrieve information
        • To sync LDAP user attribute information with BPM user attribute information
    • BP3 Email - an expansion on the capabilities of the out-of-the-box email connectors for IBM BPM, including but not limited to:
        • Allowing secured mail connections to the SMTP server.
        • Connecting to SMTP servers that require a login authentication, such as GMail.
        • Sophisticated attachment handling including the ability to handle ECMStreams (an 8.0.1 feature), 7.5 style process documents, and managed files as attachments to an e-mail.
    • Excel Toolkit - Allow the creation of complex Excel spreadsheets. This supports the creation of multi-tab excel spreadsheets including the ability to use a base template to control the formatting of the items on the Tab(s). The default behavior makes it very easy to quickly create a spreadsheet from a list of Business Objects, allowing developers to quickly understand the base functionality of this toolkit.
    • BP3 Group Query Toolkit - The Group Query Toolkit was created and designed to remove extra groups that were added from the external security provider which did not have filtering setup initially. Thus these are groups that should never be referenced or used in any BPD/service/or other component. The toolkit can:
        • Allow you to execute or just see the SQL for the removal statements.
        • Customize the selection criteria for the SQL based on general group naming conventions or specific groups.
        • Save the results to either an Excel or text file to the server file system.
        • Email results (assuming you have your server setup to send SMTP email).
        • Show you results based on theoretically executing or actually executing.
    • Brazos - BP3's responsive UI toolkit. The Brazos toolkit is based on a responsive UI framework so that your BPM UI can automatically adjust its appearance based on the size of the browser being used. It also leverages your devices’ built in UI for common interface elements such as selection lists, date pickers, radio buttons, calendars - and most importantly, touch. The bottom line is that developing beautiful mobile ready interfaces for your IBM BPM solution has never been so easy. Visit our Brazos page and find out more . . .

Of course, all labs subscribers receive full product-level support for these toolkits during the course of their labs subscription.

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