BP3 Work Delegation Utility


The delegation toolkit is an offering from BPLabs that allows a user to indicate that for a specified period of time, tasks assigned directly to a given user should be reassigned to a different user.  This allows for individuals to cover work for another individual when they will be out of office.  Additionally the TK will also allow the user to indicate if there are any groups or role the other user should be assigned to while they are unavailable.

This toolkit provides all the following features -
  • Indicate a start and end date for the delegation period.
  • Automatically reassign (delegate) any tasks present at the start of the delegation period.
  • Automatically reclaim any delegated tasks at the end of the delegation period.
  • Users may end the delegation period early.
  • Requires approval by the person identified for the task reassignment.
  • Provides a full record of all delegation rules for audit purposes.
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    Vasanth MS

    Are the toolkits listed in your site (BP3 LDAP Toolkit, BP3 Delegation Toolkit, BP3 Email Toolkit, BP3 Excel Toolkit, BP3 Group Query Toolkit) are free to use or subscription or user fee based?

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    Robb Cuccia


    At this point all of our toolkits are only available to customers with a BP Labs support subscription. If you are interested in a support contract or would like additional information on what's included in a labs subscription, please contact us a support@bp-3.com.

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