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Implementing Saved Search acceleration tools




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    Michal Gregor

    Hello. Thank you for great description.
    Could you somehow describe the speed-up of saved search? We have about 50 000 instances for one process (total number of instances is about 110 000). Each instance has about 15 variables checked as business data. Problem is that the customers want almost all of this data shown in portal. Right now, saved search is taking from 5s to 80s to load. I would like to know if the speed-up is about 10% or even about 50%.
    Thank you for reply in advance.

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    Dave Rosen

    Very glad you enjoyed the article. The increase in speed will depend on your specific scenario and environment. To get the specific percent increase in speed, we would have to test your specific BPM code with your environment (or a test environment that is comparable) and measure the load times using a browser tool like firebug or IETools.

    The acceleration tools are simple enough to implement, test, and remove if you need to. I would suggest replicating the behavior in a non-production environment (just to be sure you don't impact production users), and see what the result are. Personally, we have seen increases between 20-30%, however that was just one (very small) test case.

    Hope that helps and if you need some additional assistance, please let us know.

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