Version numbering for the BP3 Brazos UI Toolkit and Examples Process App


Beginning with the BP3 Brazos UI Toolkit version 2.3.10, we are changing the version numbering scheme for Brazos.  The versioning for the Brazos UI Toolkit and Brazos Examples Process App are now being kept in sync.  This means that Brazos UI Examples v2.3.10 includes Brazos UI Toolkit v2.3.10.  The version numbers match the snapshot names in IBM BPM.

In addition to the version numbering change, we have also made some minor changes to the actual names of the Brazos UI Toolkit and the Brazos UI Examples Process App. Previous version of the toolkit were named "BP3 Brazos UI 2.0 (BP3UI2)" and the examples process app was named "Brazos 2.0 Examples (BP3UI2X)". Beginning with version 2.4.0 the toolkit is named "BP3 Brazos UI (BP3UI2)" and the examples are named "BP3 Brazos UI Examples (BP3UI2X)".  Note that the short names have remained the same. This will not impact anything other than the name that you see displayed in the Process Center and Process Designer.

Beginning with version 2.3.10, the version numbering scheme for the Brazos UI is Major.Minor.Fix.  
For example:  v2.3.10 

  • The Major version number is 2.
  • The minor version number is 3. 
  • The fix number is 10.  

The Major version number will only change when the release includes major enhancements.  Major enhancements could possibly, but won't always, result in breaking backwards compatibility.  BP3 strives to maintain backwards compatibility, but sometimes breaking backwards compatibility might be necessary to progress the technology.  The Minor version number indicates a release that includes minor enhancement to functionality.  The Fix version number indicates a bug fix release.  Note that not every release is made availalbe to the general public, so you might see version numbers skipped.

Versions of the Brazos Examples Process App and the Brazos UI Toolkit prior to v2.4.0 were numbered independently.  For example, Brazos 2.0 Examples v2.3.8 contained BP3 Brazos UI 2.0 Toolkit v2.  Since we always ship the toolkit with the examples, we consolidated the numbering scheme in order to simplify communication.

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