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Data retention in BPM




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    Dave Rosen

    Good question Rahul! The SOR would be an additional database to the standard databases that BPM uses. For a review of what those are, look here:

    Since this database is specific to your process application or solution, you would have to work with your solution architects to implement/structure the database schema for your needs. The database itself would be accessed via JDBC by creating a Data Source in Websphere.

    As this new SOR database is specific to your process application, it can be structured to suit your needs and queried on to create dashboards and reports for your BPM services.

    If you'd like additional information or assistance, BP3 can help. If you are a BPLabs customer, simply submit a ticket via:

    or contact us at:

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    Rahul Pisal

    In your article one of the approaches you have mentioned include creation of SOR database and you have mentioned "the SOR can still be reached for reporting or data recovery needs"
    How would IBM BPM as a product be report on a DB that is not under its control. What are the ways to build reports/queries to get data from the SOR database. Would this be an out-of-the-box feature or would this require custom coding ?


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