Internal BPM Monitoring Tools



IBM BPM comes with a set of tools to allow you to monitor and troubleshoot various aspects of the environment.  This is just a high-level overview as the tools are well documented themselves.  These tools are generally used to monitor the running environments rather than give you a full monitoring framework (with alerts, escalation levels, etc).


There are three main tools shipped with IBM BPM we should discuss:

  • Process Monitor
  • Instrumentation Monitor
  • EM (Event Manager) Monitor
    • Purpose: Displays tasks and activities that were successfully scheduled, initiated, and are running in the Event Manager. It displays processes that are in the queue, running, or paused.
    • Access:
      • Login to the Process Admin console
      • On the left hand navigation pane, click "Event Manager"->"Monitor"
    • For more details:


The above tools are useful in diagnosing a running BPM system.  They can help resolve runtime issues, real-time monitoring and diagnostic. They are not for tracking, reporting, alerting, or escalation.

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