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BPM system performance evaluation basics




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    Mahesh Ramani

    Nice article! I had a question. Do you think the following parameters are still applicable in IBM BPM v7.5 and above. I know they did help a lot in the performance in Lombardi v6.x:

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    Dave Rosen

    Excellent question! You are correct, in the TW6.x days, those settings were important, however with IBM WLE and BPM (versions 7.2 and up), the settings were deprecated. This means those settings have no effect starting with WLE 7.x and onward. A colleague has already a note about this still being documented in the 8.5 Performance tuning redbook and hopefully IBM will update that soon.

    Bottom line, those settings were deprecated but left for historical reasons. Instead IBM has completely re-written the cache and thus those settings are no longer used but left in the BPM config files.

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