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Customizing Brazos UI Style and Logo




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    Julva Bilenge

    hey Joao i tried following your instruction below

    Here is your starter CSS. Perform the following steps to apply it to a Brazos Coach:

    1 Copy all contents from the following text box and paste it into a new text file

    2 Save the file as CSS. e.g. custom-style.css

    3 Add the CSS file to your Process App as a Web File

    4 Create a new CoachView called something like "Custom Style"

    5 Add your custom CSS file to the new CoachView under the "Included Scripts" section

    6 Add this CoachView to the very end (after/outside the Brazos Template) of your Brazos coaches.

    but it doesn't Overwrite the default template!!! i tried to add my template coach view at the end after my default template as instructed in number 6. can you please help!!!!

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    Thomas Bushart

    Hi Esire,

    Two main things to verify:

    1. Does your style custom coach view actually contain the new css file? Double check by opening the coach view for editing in Process Designer. Check the Behavior tab and see that the Included Scripts section has your new .css file.
    2. Make sure that your new coach view sits completely outside of the Brazos Template control. In Process Designer, clicking on the Brazos Template in your coach will highlight its bounds with a blue box. Check that your new coach view containing your custom styles CSS file is placed below those bounds.

    If neither of those help, we'll be better able to assist you if you send an email to support@bp-3.com.



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