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Event Manager in IBM BPM Standard - the missing manual




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    Vladlen Litvinov

    Hello Sergei,
    Nice article as usual.
    I've got a question.
    I add vertical clusterization on existing BPM AppTarget horizontal cluster (2 nodes x 1 server -> 2 nodes x 2 servers). Theoretically, two new EM for new servers must be created. But I see only two old EM in Process Admin console. Is it correct? Or, may be, it is some trouble/limitation/imperfection in the console?

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    Vladlen Litvinov

    Also I've an idea that there is some limitation linked with naming of EM instance. Usually it is named as hostname on standalone and using node name on cluster.

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    Sergei Malynovskyi

    Hello Vladlen

    Thank you!
    Re vertical clustering - here is how it works starting BPM 8.x.:
    in clustered env's it takes the app cluster server name and in turn app cluster server name consists of server name + node name.

    That being said - there is a way how this can be overridden to a name you'd like by using <name> property in 80EventManager.xml (can be overridden in 100Custom.xml):

    <!-- name of this scheduler instance, if we need to override the automatically looked-up name:

    And yes, in your configuration you should have additional EM's to appear in EM Monitor page. Check your LSW_EM_INSTANCE table to see what's in there. You should have all EM's listed there.


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    Vladlen Litvinov

    It works. Thank you.

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