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Our goal with the Brazos UI is to never break backwards compatibility or break existing coaches that are using an existing Brazos control. As part of this philosophy, when there are advances that prevent us from easily upgrading an existing control, there will be instances where we need to replace or update a control using newer technology. This creates a need for BP3 to deprecate the old control in order to avoid confusion and eliminate duplication of effort on multiple controls that perform the same function. This article is to help you understand our philosophy around deprecating controls and what you can expect when a control is deprecated.

What happens when a Brazos UI control is deprecated

  • When a control is deprecated it will remain in the Brazos UI toolkit until the next major release.
  • After the next major release, deprecated controls will be moved to a separate toolkit that will be available to customers with an active Brazos Support subscription.
  • The Brazos UI release notes will clearly indicate that the control has been deprecated.
  • The deprecated control will be renamed to "control deprecated". For example, the table control which was deprecated in the 3.5 release was renamed to "table deprecated".
  • The control will have all of the typical tags removed and the deprecated tag will be added to the control.
  • The Brazos Examples will be updated indicating the that control is deprecated and migration instructions will be provided when applicable.
  • Deprecated controls will only be updated with bug fixes for customers who have an active Brazos Support subscription.
  • Deprecated controls will not be enhanced.



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