What is different between Editions of Brazos UI for IBM?


Editions of Brazos UI for IBM

As of version 5.0.0, Brazos UI for IBM is available in two editions: the Brazos UI Developer Edition and the Brazos UI Enterprise Edition. "Brazos UI Lite" has been retired in favor of the Brazos UI Developer Edition and will no longer receive updates.

Brazos UI Enterprise Edition

Brazos UI Enterprise Edition is available to customers and partners who have paid support subscriptions with BP3 Global. If you are a Brazos UI Enterprise Edition customer you can download the latest version here.

Brazos UI Enterprise Edition includes the following additional benefits that are not included with the Brazos UI Developer Edition:

Outstanding support! You get direct access to the engineering team who builds Brazos UI, the ability to ask questions about Brazos UI controls, prioritized bug fixes and enhancement requests, and insight into the Brazos UI roadmap. Your exact support entitlements will vary depending on your support subscription.

Freedom of use. The Enterprise Edition contains no restrictions to control configuration options. As well, Brazos UI Enterprise Edition may be restyled and used in external and commercial applications.

Access to Brazos UI Toolkit Archives. We maintain an archive of past Brazos UI releases that are only available to our Enterprise customers.

Brazos UI Developer Edition

The Brazos UI Developer Edition is freely available to customers and partners who have registered with BP3 Global and agreed to the EULA. If you have registered as a Developer Edition customer, you can download the latest version here.

All controls, fully functional. The Brazos UI Developer Edition is a fully featured edition of Brazos UI! It contains all of the same controls as the Enterprise Edition, allowing you to develop fully functional coaches just as you would with the Enterprise Edition. The Developer Edition does come with two important restrictions as outlined in the EULA:

  • Configuration options to alter BP3 branding are disabled and you are not permitted to hide or mask BP3 branding.
  • The Developer Edition is intended for internal and non-commercialized use only and may not be used in production environments and for commercial applications.

Limited support. Developer Edition customers may submit bug reports but are not entitled to direct support from BP3. Seeking self-directed help using the Brazos UI Developer Edition? Please see our Help Center articles, online documentation, BP3 YouTube channel, and Stack Overflow community.

Easy to upgrade. Ready to take your beautifully-designed, fully-functional coaches to production? Simply install the Brazos UI Enterprise Edition and update the toolkit dependencies. Everything will function exactly as it did before with the additional freedom to rebrand your coaches!

Brazos UI Lite

The former trial version of Brazos UI was called Brazos UI Lite. Brazos UI Lite was free to all users who registered and accepted the EULA.

No further updates or support.

Limited access to some controls and configuration options. Brazos UI Lite does not have access to the Attach File, Data Table, certain Charts, Progress Bars, and several other newer controls and also includes limitations to the Brazos Table control. The limited controls and configurations are clearly highlighted in the IBM BPM Process Designer and the release notes.

Rest assured that upgrading from Lite to Enterprise (or Developer Edition) is fast and easy. We have designed Brazos UI to ensure a smooth upgrade path. Simply install the Brazos UI Developer Edition or Enterprise Edition snapshot and update dependencies. All references to Coach Views and configuration options work seamlessly between versions.

Feature Enterprise Edition Developer Edition Lite
Controls and configuration options All controls, all configuration options All controls. Configuration options only limited on BP3 branding options. Limited control set, limitations on available controls
Support Full access to BP3 support ticketing system for questions, help, and feature requests Bug reporting only. Self-directed support through available documentation and StackOverflow communities

Product version is no longer supported

Approved use Any environment, any application Internal (non-production, non-commercial) use only Not restricted
Updates/fixes All major, minor, and fix releases available, including access to previous versions. Major and minor release parity with Enterprise. No access to previous versions. No further updates

If you would like additional information on becoming a Brazos UI Enterprise customer, please contact us at info@bp-3.com.

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  • Avatar
    André Sousa

    One question.

    How can I get a quote for the Enterprise version.
    I tried to find information about the licencing models and pricing but I could not find anything.


  • Avatar
    David Bailie

    Hi André, I had our Mike from our Business Development group contact you last week after seeing your comment here. You should have receive an email already, but if you need additional info, please email support@bp-3.com to open a support ticket and we will make sure you get in contact with the correct person.

  • Avatar
    David Bailie

    As of release v3.18.1, Brazos UI Enterprise includes a new Progress Bar control, a Bubble Chart, and the ability to limit the character count in the Text Editor and display the remaining character count.

  • Avatar
    Eddie Chui

    I am interested in the Enterprise version and I have sent email to the info email address for a couple of times but no reply.... any help ??

  • Avatar
    David Bailie

    Hi Eddie,

    I saw your support ticket that you opened about this topic and I've responded to you there. We can discuss your specific situation and needs in the support ticket.

  • Avatar
    Eddie Chui

    may i know the enterprise pricing ?

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