Unknown repository error from Attach File Brazos UI Example



The File Attach control example in the Brazos UI Examples Process App uses the Public Alfresco CMIS Test Server in order to provide a working example using an external CMIS server. The Public Alfresco server is reset occasional, and due to the way the repository information is cached in IBM BPM you can experience an Unknown repository error when running the File Attach example.


In order to resolve this error you need to re-save the following items in the Brazos UI Examples Process App. 

  • Process App Settings > Servers > Alfresco {cmis.alfresco.com}
  • Alfresco Search Service
  • ECM Create Folder Path AJAX service
  • ECM Delete Document Service AJAX service
  • ECM Generate Document Name Service AJAX service
  • ECM Get All Document Versions Service AJAX service
  • ECM Get Document Service AJAX service

The simplest way to re-save these items is to add a space to the name and then delete the space. This will cause the Process Designer to shows the item as dirty (indicated by a * prior to the name - see attached screenshot) and then click the Save button or use ctrl-S to save.

The Attach File example should begin working again once you have re-saved these 6 items.


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