Table/Data Table - Adjust column width if a cell contains a long string without spaces



If you display data in the Brazos Table or Data Table that contains long stings with no spaces (for example a URL), the table column width will expand to fit the content. This can cause your table to have a larger width than expected or desired. Even if you define the desired column width using the 'column width' configuration variable, the column won't be contratined as specified since there no spaces to properly wrap the text.


  1. Add the following css code to your custom Brazos css:

    .wrapWord {
    word-break: break-all;

  2. Then on the Data table, click on your specific Output text field and go to Configuration - Advanced Options - Custom Format Function Name and specify:

    formatNum = function(value){return "<div class="wrapWord">"+value+"</div>"}

  3. Check the 'HTML' Configuration option for the Output Text

The text should now wrap and observe the desired column width.

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