Resource Bundle Group with name BrazosResources is not attached



With Brazos UI v3.14 or later, when running a coach from a Process Center environment you might receive the error "Resource Bundle Group with name BrazosResources is not attached." This is due to an IBM BPM product bug. This bug was exposed in Brazos UI v3.14 and later due to the Internationalization and Localization features that were delivered in that release.


The best way to resolve this issue is to install the appropriate fix from IBM.

JR49373 is the APAR associated with this bug. More info can be found here:

This fix is included in IBM BPM (8.0.1 Fix Pack 3) and IBM BPM (8.5 Refresh Pack 5).

The fix is also available for IBM BPM as part of JR52322. More specifically, this fix is included in JR50541 which is one of the prerequisites for JR52322.

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