Disable Tabindex on Brazos UI Controls


Some user groups prefer to utilize keyboard navigation for moving across the screen. By default, pressing "Tab" will cycle through fields on the screen.

In certain use cases, not all fields are useful for tabbing through, so skipping them in the flow of the page would be helpful for speeding up navigation. To accomplish this we can add the attribute "tabindex" with value -1 on the Output Text fields to remove these fields from the navigation flow.

The following snippet can be added on the Coach View at "Load" or "View" functions to disable the fields.

$("[data-viewid='CONTROL_ID'] > div").attr("tabindex", -1);

The CONTROL_ID is the id that we define for the Coach Control on Process Designer, using this id we can ensure that we disable just that specific field.

Please note that changing the tab flow of a page may impact user accessibility so be careful when removing interactive elements (links, buttons, etc.) from the tab flow.

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