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Heritage Human Services vs. Client-Side Human Services




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    Anders Mikkelsen

    Maybe you can gain some performance with CSHS but the web designer does not feel mature enough to work with. Much more time consuming and the missing copy/paste is annoying. So I would stick to HHS a little longer.

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    Don Williams (Edited )

    I've just completed a CSHS-intensive proof of concept for a customer on 8.5.7 and have updated feedback to share about working with CSHS:


    • Debugging coaches is much improved and actually works quite well - you can run the coach directly from the service and step through it. Note that you'll want to add "console.log()" statements throughout to verify and output data to the browser console. Defining variables when debugging can be a bit problematic, though. A few options are:

      1 ) Define on variable defaults (which I feel is a bad practice because you're bound to forget to clear these later).

      2) Mark the service as nested and build a test harness CSHS around it - this creates another asset just to test, though, which is a bit annoying.

      3) My favorite thus far, which is to just add a script block named "DEMO" or whatever to the beginning of the coach service which inits all variables as needed for testing. It can just be disconnected from flow when done testing.
    • CSHS now allows for nesting services, which is a huge addition for reusability. Note, however, that if you mark a CSHS as 'Nested', then it cannot be implemented at the BPD level (this is an either/or setting).
    • The new CSHS designer in 8.5.7 looks much better than it's predecessor, and while it seems to be "less buggy", I've still encountered lots of issues, see below.


    • As mentioned above, you still cannot copy/paste controls - that means not from one coach into another, or even within the same coach. Note that you CAN, however, copy assets from the Diagram view using Ctrl-C, Ctrl-P.
    • Properties tab will just not show up sometimes for some controls, requires restart of Web Designer.
    • Type changes to variable inputs/outputs often aren't picked up by services implementing that service, must restart Web Designer to resolve validation error.
    • ANY type throws validation error when attempting to map to a defined type (type mismatch error).
    • Sometimes the browser will stop responding when dragging controls out from palette - mouse pointer just gets stuck on green plus sign.
    • Can only open one service at a time - no ability to select several services and have them all open up at once. This doesn't mean you can only HAVE one service open, this is just referring to the act of opening a service.
    • Renaming is a bit clunky - can't do it when service is open. You have to do it from left-hand context menu.

    Another note is that while in the past I worked with a client where we decided against CSHS due to difficulty with exception handling, now that CSHS nesting is supported, a client-side equivalent to GEX could be built. It's not out there yet as far as I know, but this would be a really useful asset.

    Hope this helps someone, feel free to reach out to me directly if you have additional questions: dwilliams@bp-3.com

    Thanks -Don

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    Thomas Bushart

    Updated article to properly reference the added coach validation framework available for CSHS starting in v. 8.5.7.

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    Thomas Bushart

    Updated article to reference availability of copy-paste in the WebP and CSHS error validation differences in v. 8.5.7. Also updated links section and pointed IBM links to 8.5.7 versions of their documentation.

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    Thomas Bushart

    Updated article to reference improved HHS to CSHS conversion experience using the Web PD in v. 8.5.7 CF2017.03. Included link to IBM KB article on the same.

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