Using Variable Substitution for Filter Values



Beginning in Brazos Portal v1.12.0 you can use certain variables as placeholders for filter values in Brazos Portal Views and Task Groups so that you can include dynamic data in your filters such as today's date and the currently logged in user id.

Available Variable Substitution Placeholders

  • {{userId}} - the login ID the current user uses
  • {{username}} - the display name for the current user
  • {{currentDate}} - today's date. This is date only, no time.

Note: These values are case sensitive.


Note that this example uses a shared View. Views are a feature available to supported Brazos Portal customers. A View was used for this example because user variable substitution is most useful when working with a shared View or a Task Group within a shared View.

I have a task that is originally assigned to a specific user, but after 1 day a timer will fire and reassign the task to a group of which the original task owner is a member. There is an exposed business variable, OriginalAssigneeID, that will be set to the original task owner's ID when the timer fires. I want to be able to create a View that shows the tasks that the logged in user is assigned directly or tasks assigned to the group that were originally assigned to the logged in user. 

Below you can find an example of a view that would return the desired task list for the logged in user:

(Note that for the Assignee field in this example, you could also use the Assignee Type with a value of User.)

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