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IBM BPM - Enabling resumable services (zResumable) - what you should know



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    Sergei Malynovskyi

    Here is the official answer from IBM PMR with regards to item #2 in this article -

    1) Dashboard resumability was added in BPM V8.0.1 in large part to
    improve performance, especially since dashboards by their nature are
    typically "static" in that there is usually one stateless coach that is
    displayed, as opposed to representing a process instance / task flow
    with multiple states and true start and end nodes.  Keeping one instance
    of a dashboard in memory as opposed to multiple instances per launch
    within a user session (Process Portal or custom portal) is much more

    2) With 1) in mind the exposed item REST API was modified in V8.0.1 to
    include zResumable=true in the runURL property for all dashboard items,
    making this the de facto default behavior, consistent with Process
    Portal (all dashboards launched via Process Portal are resumable).

    3) Configurability of dashboard resumability for dashboards launched via
    Process Portal was added in BPM V8.5 with the
    com.ibm.bpm.social.zResumable Mashups_ConfigService property.  It was
    only intended for Process Portal usage, however, so the exposed REST API
    maintained its previously established behavior in V8.5 forward.

    In conclusion, the exposed REST API and the
    com.ibm.bpm.social.zResumable property is working as designed (but obviously not as desired).  For a
    custom portal, a scheme similar to that for the property can be
    implemented, or, in the case of this customer where resumability isn't
    needed/wanted at all, zResumable=true can be stripped programmatically
    from the runURL for all dashboard items.  Changing the REST API to not
    include zResumable=true would impact all customers who use the API,
    potentially introducing unexpected performance degradation. 

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