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Brazos Portal with the Database Trigger backend process all task changes from the IBM BPM system, even System tasks that are marked to "Delete task on completion". For processes with high volumes of System Tasks being generated this can cause unnecessary load on Brazos Portal. Under extremely high load, this additional processing can cause a delay in user task lists being updated. 

Brazos Portal v1.14.4 introduced a new configuration option that allows admins to configure a list of users whose tasks are ignored by Brazos Portal. This article details the steps needed to configure Brazos Portal to ignore your system lane user and prevent processing of system lane tasks in Brazos Portal. This feature is only available for Brazos Portal versions 1.14.4+ that use a database triggers backend.

If you believe your Brazos Portal is experiencing issues due to system tasks, please open a support ticket and our BP Labs team can assist you in analyzing your specific performance issue and validate if this setting is appropriate for your environment.

Note that this setting will prevent Brazos Portal from processing tasks assigned to the user(s) specified. This means, that logging into Brazos Portal with these users will show no tasks. If you need to view tasks from this user you can always use the IBM Process Portal, or configure a separate system lane user. Please open a support ticket with BP3 Support if you have any questions about identifying your system lane user or applying this configuration. 

Steps to prevent task processing for system task users

    1. Note the username(s) of the system user(s) that you wish to ignore.
    2. Stop the Brazos Portal application.
    3. Back up your Brazos Portal database schema.
    4. Add a configuration in the Brazos Portal config table to enable the portal to ignore tasks for specified users. This configuration is missing in fresh installations and defaults to disabled. The following database query will enable this configuration:

      INSERT INTO <brazos_portal_schema_name>.config (attribute, data_type, string_value) VALUES ('IGNORE_TASKS_FOR_USERS', 'string', <list_of_users>);

      Note - the list of users is a comma separated list of the users to ignore with no spaces. For example, 'tw_admin,sys_admin,sys_escalation_user'.

      If you wish to change this at a later date, you can update this entry with the new list of users and restart the Brazos Portal app.
    5. Clean up existing tasks and events for the users you are ignoring.
      The following database queries will delete the appropriate entries:

      DELETE FROM <brazos_portal_schema_name>.task WHERE user_id IN (<list_of_users>);

      DELETE FROM <brazos_portal_schema_name>.event_log WHERE user_id IN (<list_of_users>);

      Note - the list of users for the DELETE statements need to be comma separated and each name needs to be individually quoted. For example, ('tw_admin', 'sys_admin', 'sys_escalation_user')

      Depending on the number of tasks and/or entries in the event_log table there are, this may take time to run. If you have millions of rows in your task or even_log table you should test this operation on a non-production system and contact BP3 support if you need help optimizing these queries for faster execution. 
    6. Start the Brazos Portal application.


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