BP3 Excel Toolkit



The BP3 XLS Utilities is an Excel toolkit that helps you integrate BPM with Excel to achieve various Excel related functions. The scenarios in which you might need this integration include:

Exporting Excel from BPM Data

- You have run your process and have gathered enough data that need to be exported into an Excel format for further processing by the business.

- The toolkit provides function to gather BPM data and export to Excel content under various formats such as ECM content stream, or a file in a directory or as an attachment to a running process instance.

- Furthermore, the toolkit also allows the Excel content to be styled under a base Excel template that you already have.

Importing Excel to generate BPM Data

- You have an Excel content that needs to be imported into BPM to trigger or continue further processing within BPM. The toolkit provides function to import an Excel spreadsheet and generate corresponding BPM business objects.

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