BP3 REST Toolkit



The BP3 REST Toolkit simplifies connections to RESTful services from an IBM BPM Process Application. The REST toolkit includes Integration Services/Connectors to support various types of authentication (None, BasicAuth, BasicAuth with J2C, and WAS LTPA), along with the ability to translate the JSON/XML responses from REST service into IBM BPM business objects, including the option to drop elements that are returned and should not map into a business object. 

The BP3 REST Toolkit is shipped with the BP3 REST Toolkit Example Process Application which provides sample usage of the connectors from the toolkit, including a REST Client Tester where you can easily test your REST connections and receive helpful error feedback and formatted XML or JSON responses, prior to implementing them in a process.


  • REST Integration Services to easily call RESTful services
  • Basic Authentication
  • Basic Authentication using authentication information from the WebSphere J2C Authentication Store
  • Authentication via the LTPA token for the currently authenticated user. This allows you to easily call the IBM BPM REST API in the context of the current users from within a process.
  • Automatic mapping of the REST response into an IBM BPM business object
    • Single field mapping in order to maintain usability with BPM and other APIs
  • Ability to exclude elements not needed in the IBM BPM business object
  • Full featured documentation and sample applications
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